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Understanding Sandstone Blocks and Logs


What is the difference between A Grade, B Grade and C Grade Logs and Blocks?

​You can choose between A Grade, B Grade and C Grade blocks and logs when purchasing from Sydney Sandstone Block Suppliers.


A Grade are cut with precision and have fairly uniform measurements which make them easier to stack and install which can lower installation costs.


 B Grade actually start as A Grade but for many reasons did not make it into the A Grade stockpile. These blocks and logs are more likely to have imperfections such as chipped corners, tapering widths and inconsistent colour. B Grade have less imperfections than C Grade but are not quite smooth and uniform enough to be A grades.


Often your experienced block wall builder can accommodate B Grade logs by placing them strategically to hide the imperfections, but this could take slightly more time to build and may have more gaps, but this often adds character to your retaining wall.


C Grade logs have more severe imperfections, including uneven sizes, tapering, chipping and colouring. However, they can still be very useful and cost effective for landscaping projects and garden bed edging as one side is normally in good condition and this can be used as an outfacing side to still deliver a professional look.

Can I choose the colours I want?

At Sydney Sandstone Block Suppliers we do our best to meet the colour matching needs of our clients but there are no gaurantees. Sandstone colour varieties vary depending on the area and depth of the quarry the sandstone is cut from. Sandstone also oxidises over time and can change colour shades. Watch our videos below to see examples.


We always try to fulfill an order from the same area to ensure each order is coloured similarly. It may be difficult if you order later to colour match a previous order. 


What's the difference between sandstone blocks and logs?

Well the easiest way to explain the difference is what we term around the quarry ...


"Bout 1 Meter"


So blocks are 1 Meter

and logs are 2 Meters


but it also can be a cross border thing as well; in NSW we often call them logs but the boys up north call them blocks ...




Do you have a list of rock wall installers?

You can email our friendly sales staff to see if we can recommend any rock wall installers in your area.

How heavy are the sandstone blocks?

Depending on the density of the sandstone will dictate the exact weight. However most 

1000 x 500 x 500 Blocks - 600 KG​

2000 x 500 x 500 Logs - 1200KG

1000 x 300 x 300 Hydra Split Blocks - 220KG

500 x 150 x 100 Garden Edging - 40KG

What sizes are the blocks?

​Here at Sydney Sandstone Block Suppliers we have two standard sizes: 500 x 500 x 1000 and 500 x 500 x 2000. We also offer a few smaller sizes but its best to call us and discuss what you are building and our expert team can guide you to select the right product for your job.

We also create step blocks which cut one block into 3 steps. 1000/2000 x 500 x 165  or  2 steps - 1000/2000 x 500 x 250 (approx). The Sandstone steps are diamond cut top and bottom while remaining quarry-cut on the faces and ends.


This allows you to create useful stairways within your retaining wall from the same stone.

Can I pick up Sandstone Blocks and Logs from the quarry?

The simple answer is NO. Due to insurance and occupational health and safety procedures, it is just too dangerous. Checkout the videos here to see the loading and delivery process for your blocks.

How many blocks will I need?

Best way to work things out is talk with a professional who will work out exact dimensions of what you want to build and then work out the best blocks to fit the space.


But here is a rough guide to work from ...


If your space measures 50 lineal mtr wide x 1mtr high (retaining wall in backyard).


You're going to need to buy 100 x 1m blocks or 50 x 2m logs .


If you are going to do sandstone steps in the wall then just ask us to provide extra step blocks. (1 block or log can be cut into 3 steps and are 165mm high)


It is often a good idea to order 1 or 2 blocks extra just to be sure you have all bases covered. Any extra Blocks left over can easily be used as seating, around a bbq area, pool or additions to the wall just built.


However if you don't order enough then you will be hit with another delivery charge to get you extra blocks to finish the project. So do your numbers and have a chat with a professional rock wall builder.


What is the finish like?

Sandstone has a beautiful earthy finish and will complement its surroundings. Our stones meet industry standards. An A grade block is wheel sawn top, bottom and ends, and the faces are bolstered off the quarry floor to give a rock-face look.


It is always a good idea once you receive your delivery at your install location to hose down the blocks to get a good look at the patterns and colouring before you build the wall. A good rock wall installer will pick the best ones for various places and also hide imperfections that may be present.


What is the delivery lead time?

Delivery time depends on the order size, location, weather and how many orders we are currently fulfilling. If you can place orders at least 1 week in advance then we should be able to deliver on-time however we can also do urgent requests if required.


Our friendly sales team will give you an estimate of delivery lead times and we always do our best to get your order to you as efficiently as possible.


On the day you can request an AM or PM time for delivery. If an AM time is requested then our drivers will preload their trucks the day before and then deliver to site at around 7am. If the time is PM then delivery will be more likely around 12pm.


Most of the time our orders can be filled from our large stockpiles however we may be fulfilling a large civil job and this could delay delivery, so if you are in a hurry ask what blocks we have on site ready to go! 


Will the truck and forklift be able to access my property?

The semi-trailer or truck and dog (truck with trailer) is around 3 Meters wide and over 25 Meters long so they do need a standard road to navigate and also a place to pull over and unload safely.


Unloading takes around 30 min for a full load of blocks or logs and you must let us know if there may be access issues as our drivers have a tightly run schedule and delays incurred because our drivers have to "ferry" in logs on the forklift to a destination over 50 Meters from the truck will create further charges for you. ​

Supplying Sydney Metro, NSW and ACT with high quality sandstone blocks and logs

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