We specialise in supplying NSW & ACT with sandstone blocks and logs for retaining walls...

Top Quality Local Sydney Sandstone

Sydney Sandstone Block Suppliers deliver high-quality sandstone blocks and logs to Sydney Metro, NSW and the ACT so you can create beautiful retaining walls and designer landscapes. 

Our sandstone logs are also great for seating, steps and garden edging, sandstone retaining wall projects and marine sea wall applications.

Because we only supply sandstone retaining wall blocks, logs and steps, you can be assured of affordable prices and high quality sandstone. Customer service and satisfaction is our highest priority.

Suitable for commercial, civil and residential projects, our extensive experience allows us to deliver a specialised selection of sandstone products at excellent prices without compromising on quality.


Experience the Sydney Sandstone Block Suppliers difference.


Sandstone Blocks and Logs

perfect for retaining walls

We cut a few sizes of blocks and logs. Standard

1m x 500 x 500 blocks and 2m x 500 x 500 logs

which come in three grades. A, B and C.


We also supply smaller blocks for your landscaping needs.


Watch the different videos on the products page to select the right sandstone for your project.

Servicing Sydney, NSW and ACT for top quality sandstone blocks and logs.


Supplying Sydney and NSW with high quality sandstone blocks and logs

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